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es file explorer apk

For you Android customers, it might have already been required to really have a File Management application which can manage all the files on your own Android Mobile, be it pictures, other files, songs or videos. Well, in order that it's recommended Filemanager for Android Phone you: official file explorer.

Methods To install ES File Explorer APK from your Android OS device:

You can also install es file explorer app in the browser on your own Android smartphone or tablet computer. The program will begin installing on your apparatus. Download ES File Explorer APK at website.

Advantage of using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer has plenty of benefits over related Filemanager. Such as encryption, LAN Manager, Music Player, etc.

Data encryption

What's the objective of encryption? Attributes Encryption is useful for anybody who wants to secure significant info you in the stalker, for example, you have a picture or video you do not wish to seem in the gallery, you then can use the encryption attributes is to truly have a menu “Encrypt” and input the password so others can not see it.

Backup and Submit Application Offline

Does not need root accessibility, with ES File Explorer you are able to save (backup) or deliver an offline application, rendering it easier that you share your existing applications, and surely do not require to download again, hence saving your net quota.

Music player

Because it includes a music player that is in ES File Explorer, you don't need certainly to download every other music player application, a feature that's very unusual in a file manager application, but with this particular attribute are pleasant and complete.

Cloud integration

Because when you might have lost your Android Phone, subsequently the info on the secure digital card can also be gone as we realize that the information stored to the secure digital card will not have security. Accordingly, by utilizing ES File Explorer, your data will probably be secured by the Cloudcomputing method, whether it's associated with onedrive Google Drive or Dropbox.


ES File Explorer is appropriate with lightweight dimension makes ES File Explorer is quite friendly when utilized for arranging files for you who have high mobility and privacy of the data in your Android Phone.


For you who use HP’s low end Android, of course using ES File Explorer is going to be great pleasure, because it will not spend a great deal of RAM. The size of the program itself is only 4 M B with its many attributes within it.


The software for your own use as well as the precious means to handle the file and also the most efficient is shown here with its Essential Characteristics and Specs. And the es file explorer APK is critically acclaimed by many customers all over the world so, I've mentioned how to down load it for your device. Download it now and begin managing your files.